Add a new local user

Author:Brant C. Faircloth
Copyright:This documentation is available under a Creative Commons (CC-BY) license.

Steps to add a new local user on our machines.


  1. Create new user in NFS interface by logging into machine via VPN. Fill out appropriate boxes (standard choices), add R/W to homes. Determine the UID for this new user on the NFS by looking at /etc/passwd.

  2. On the local machine to which you are adding the user, run the following, makeing sure to set the UID correctly:

    useradd -s /bin/zsh -g 100 -u <UID> jsalt
    passwd jsalt
  3. Create or edit /usr/local/share/ to contain (make sure you edit $NEWUSER)

    mkdir -p /usr/local/ssh/users/$NEWUSER/.ssh
    touch /usr/local/ssh/users/$NEWUSER/.ssh/authorized_keys
    chown -R $NEWUSER:users /usr/local/ssh/users/$NEWUSER/
    chmod 0711 /usr/local/ssh/users/$NEWUSER/
    chmod 0700 /usr/local/ssh/users/$NEWUSER/.ssh
    chmod 0600 /usr/local/ssh/users/$NEWUSER/.ssh/authorized_keys
  4. Make sure this is chmod 0755

  5. Execute the file ./

  6. Paste in the appropriate content.