Compiling RAxML-NG

Author:Brant C. Faircloth
Copyright:This documentation is available under a Creative Commons (CC-BY) license.


  1. Download the source archive for RAxML-NG from github recursively so we get the correct dependencies. Checkout 0.8.1-beta tag, but check the tags for RAxML-NG first to ensure there is not a newer version:

    git clone --recursive
    git tag
    git checkout 0.8.1
  1. Ensure that the correct modules are loaded for compilation of the source:

    module load intel
    module load gcc/6.4.0
    module load impi/2018.0.128
  2. Set the correct CC and CXX variables so that they catch the correct IMPI versions after loading the modules:

    export CC=`which mpicc`
    export CXX=`which mpicxx`
  3. Make sure you have checked out the 0.8.1 tag, create and enter a build directory, and make sure to set cmake correctly so that it will build the MPI version. There is no INSTALL directory, so don’t sweat that:

    mkdir build && cd build
    cmake -DUSE_MPI=ON ..
  4. Assuming that is successful (you may get a warning about GTEST missing - that’s fine - you just cannot run the tests):

  5. Copy that binary into /project/brant/bin/

  6. Do the same thing for the non-MPI version:

    mkdir build2 && cd build2
    cmake ..
  7. Copy that binary into /project/brant/bin/