Register an NCBI BioProject

Author:Brant C. Faircloth, Carl Oliveros
Copyright:This documentation is available under a Creative Commons (CC-BY) license.

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Prior to submitting massively parallel sequencing (MPS) data to NCBI, you want to register (1) your project and (2) those samples involved in a given project. Registering an NCBI BioProject. is the first step of this process. You can also register a BioProject before you plan to register your samples or upload your data. That said, our laboratory policy is to upload all the data, all the time prior to publication (and usually prior to making a paper available as a pre-print).


  1. Create an NCBI account at the following link, if you do not have one, at the NCBI website

  2. Log in to the NCBI submissions portal, and click on the BioProject link

  3. Click on the New submission link. The Submitter info should automatically be filled in using info from your profile. Verify the info and click Continue.

  4. On the Project type tab, select Raw sequence reads under Project data type and Multispecies under Sample scope. Click Continue.

  5. On the Target tab, fill in descriptions for Organism name and Multispecies description. Click Continue. Organism name can be a general description of the class of organisms (e.g. “Oscine passerines”).

  6. On the General Info tab, provide a Release Date, a Project Title (which could be your manuscript title), and Public Description (which could be your manuscript abstract). Select Evolution under Relevance. Under this tab, you can also add grant numbers and titles for grants that contributed to the project. If you are supported by NSF or NIH, please add your grant numbers and titles here. Click Continue.

  7. On the BioSample tab, do not enter any information (we will deal with this for multiple samples as part of [[Register NCBI BioSamples for a BioProject]]) and click Continue.

  8. On the Publications tab, provide the DOI of your manuscript, if available. Click Continue.

  9. Review the information on the Overview tab and click Submit at the bottom, if no changes are needed. Wait for the BioProject submission to be processed (may take only a few minutes to receive the email from NCBI). A processed BioProject will look like this:

  10. And, you’ll receive an email from NCBI with something similar to the following contents:

    Dear xxxxx,
    This is an automatic acknowledgment that your submission:
    SubmissionID:       SUB1211501
    BioProject ID:      PRJNA304409
    has been successfully registered with the BioProject database. After review by
    the database staff, your project information will be accessible with the
    following link, usually within a few days of the release date that you set (or
    the release of linked data, whichever is first):
    Please use the BioProject ID PRJNA304409 with your correspondence and your data
    Send questions to, and include the BioProject
    ID and organism name.
    NCBI BioProject Submissions Staff
    Bethesda, Maryland  USA
    (301) 496-2475
    (301) 480-2918 (Fax) (for BioProject questions/replies) (for general questions regarding NCBI)
  11. If you are registering BioSamples at this time, proceed to Register NCBI BioSamples for a BioProject. Otherwise, you can use this BioProject number (PRJNAXXXXXXXX) in your manuscript as the “pointer” to all data associated with your project. A finished BioProject page that points to all available data looks something like this:


    This BioProject page provides links to ALL NCBI resources related to your BioProject - making the BioProject a one-stop-shop for all of your project sequence data.